Yoga and Healings


Hello blessed souls, My name is Jigyasa which means curiosity. I was always keen and eager to learn new things ever since I was a child. This quest of mine lead to a vast array of knowledge.

I started my career as an Insurance agent, moving onto a Workshop consultant with leading newspaper of India, The Times of India. Later I made a switch in Electronic Media, wherein I started as a Creative Sales person and eventually landed up doing a Drive Time Radio show on RED FM. Having tried all forms of creative expression, nothing seemed to satisfy my quest in Life. Eventually my encounter with my Master made me realize what I wished to do in pursuit of quenching my spiritual thirst and helping people.

I am a Traditional Yoga Teacher with a Modern age twist. I started practicing Yoga ever since I was a Kid, using the practice as a remedy to help with my Health Issues. Seeing how the practice worked for me, I have believed since then in power of Yoga and Meditation.

Originally born, brought up and trained in India, I have been living on the beautiful island of Fuerteventura in Spain for a couple of years teaching Yoga and practising Energy Therapies. I try that sessions with me will help you heal your Body, Mind and Soul and connect better with your inner-self. We all have different moods and emotions at different moments of our life... these are all the Sheets of our Soul. This is my place to introduce you to my sheets of soul. 

Sneak peak into the world of Jigyasa Shiv.