Aura Reading

Aura Reading or Scan tells you the exact state of your aura and your chakras. Your stress levels, disharmony in your yin-yang balance, the energy efficacy of each chakra, and in depth understanding of your personality are all discussed, making this a comprehensive study of yourself. This helps you develop your strengths and uncover your hidden potential.

Its a great way to know what your energy tells about you, how to make you and your life better, to return to your true self. Its a pathway to regain the energy you were born with. You become aware of the condition of your energy body, get to know of the condition in details; both positive and negative.


Chakra Balancing

There are main 7 main energy centres in our body, widely known as Chakras. Each Chakra has an assigned function that correlates to specific body ailments, physical dysfunction etc. Every Chakra houses our mental and emotional strengths. Clearing and Balancing of Chakras can balance our emotional state of mind, promoting overall balance and harmony.

Other than millions of physical health benefits, Chakra Balancing gives greater capacity to express and attract positivity in your life. Feel clear and free and experience the unfolding of the "Spiritual Self". Balanced Chakras equals to a Balanced Life.



Reiki is a healing therapy based on the principle that a healer acting as a medium can channel and pass energy into the body of the receiver by the medium of subtle touch. This activates the natural healing processes of the receiver's body and restores physical and emotional well-being

With a session of Reiki healing each cell of your body will vibrate energy and health. It nourishes your mind, body and soul. Along with healing physical ailments, it strongly enhances your Aura and activates your Chakras.


Flower Essence Therapy

Get a consultation and a mix of Flower essences most needed for you.

Flower Essences heal pain and suffering at physical, mental and emotional levels. Very helpful in Stress, Depression/Anxiety, Fears/Phobias, Addictions, Anger, Thyroid, PCOD, Weight imbalance, Allergies, Migraine, Sciatica, Sinus or Asthma, Pains etc.

Flower remedies helps personal and professional growth. It helps in getting rid of traumas, old belief patterns, teenage issues etc. Flower essences are great in creating harmony in family , office and also helps in resolving conflicts.

It's is a safe alternative therapy without any side effects. These can be used by anyone be it Kids, Adults, Pregnant Ladies, Nursing Mothers, Seniors and you can give these to your Pets as well.


Animal Communication

Would you like to talk to your Fur kid?

Is there something you want to ask them?

Is there something you want to tell them?

Are you having difficulties conveying your message and feelings?

Choose a medium to connect to your animals and speak to them in their language. Animals are the ones living in the highest meditative state. May be that's why many times it's difficult for the chattering human being to connect to them. They would feel amazing if you could give your message to your pet but in their frequency.

All you need is a recent photo of your Pet. If deceased, last available picture will do.


Marma Face Massage

As per Ayurveda, Marma Points are pressure points in the whole body which can help us heal and bring a balance in our Life. They work on re-energising the channels in our body. When Marma points are active, body is kept fully informed and can easily heal itself. There are 108 Marma points in our complete body, out of which some of the major points are on the Face, Neck and Head. These points help in functioning of all our 5 senses and open all our upper energy channel points. So consider this an Energetic Facelift with spiritual benefits.


Massage Bajar La Madre

This "massage", an ancestral healing technique is carried out in the belly of the person and the intention is to undo the energy blocks in the Solar Plexus and in the "path" (Hara Line) between the Solar Plexus and the Sacral chakra.

Some Benefits of this massage are Weight Balance, Reduction of Bloating, Relief from constipation, Overall gastrointestinal wellness, Improved menstrual symptoms, Increased abdominal muscle tone, Improved digestion, Stress reduction, Stimulate internal organs, Release of blocked emotions, Balanced Apetite, Increased flexibility, Relief from lower back and abdominal pains, Improved respiration capacity, Improves circulation and blood supply to the organs of abdominal cavity etc.