Distance Sessions

As we all know Energy isn’t bound by time or space. Many of us can’t make it to a personal Yoga Session, Energy Reading or a Healing Therapy due to lack of time or distance issues. Energy and Learning has a possibility to be transmitted over any distance. So, in case you are willing to do some good to your body, mind and soul, we can work together on it through Distance Sessions.

Distance Sessions:-

Yoga and Meditation Lessons

Energy Reading/ Aura Scan

Energy Coaching

Chakra Balancing


Animal Communication

Flower Essence Consultation

You can even book a combination of lessons and therapies to address your overall well-being.

Combo 1:- Energy Reading+ Yoga and Meditation Lessons+ Energy Coaching. (5 Sessions)

Combo 2:- Energy Reading+ Chakra Balancing+ Energy Coaching. (3 Sessions)

Combo 3:- Energy Reading+ Reiki+ Energy Coaching. (3 Sessions)

My best suggestion would be to start with booking yourself a combo session and then further pick what suits you best and continue.

We use technology for our best. All sessions are done through Skype, WhatsApp, Calling and Emails.

Write in to me in case of any doubts.